3 Ways Catching Up With Friends Improves Your Life

We all generally agree that hanging out with the right group of friends, in positive circumstances improves our mood in the short and long term. Friends make us feel happier, more motivated with a higher level of security in our lives, but we are here today to blow your mind on just how beneficial friends are to our mental and physical health, 5 times over:

1. Positive Social Connections Increase Emotional and Physical Health

In a 2013 study, Kok et al. (2013) found that people's perception of their positive social connections mediates the upward spiral of improvement that exists in the tie between positive emotions and physical health. The results from the study also portray that when people perceive their social connections more negatively, there positive emotions and physical health are reduced.

2. Active Friends Keep You Fit

Getting and staying motivated to maintain your fitness routine can sometimes be hard, especially if you're the only one at the park on your 5.30 am run in winter. By digging a little deeper into this topic, Kaigang et al. (2014) found in their study that the participants with more active friends were more likely to engage in moderate and vigorous physical activity.

2. Health Benefits of Strong Social Support Increase Over the Longterm

It's common thought that having a good upbringing sets people in the right direction more often than not compared to people in less fortunate circumstances, but what about the longterm effects on your wellbeing through the support of friends mid way through your life. In their study, Hakulinen et al. (2016) found that the participants with strong social support experienced higher levels of mental and physical health later on in life and those participants with higher levels of negative aspects in their social life experienced poorer physical health later in life.

Friends At App

Our motivation for creating Friends At is to improve peoples' lives by making catching up with friends, family and loved ones easier and more intuitive. In turn we hope that the users of Friends At experience the mental and physical health benefits mentioned above, that strong social support produces.

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