Introducing Friends At - Meet Up with Friends like Snap Map & Sharing your location the right wa

Launching Friends At in iOS

We all love catching up with friends, having a chat, enjoying good food and drinks. Friends At is created with the simple purpose of making a Catch Up with friends easier and encouraging you to do so more often. After all, it helps improve your mental and physical health as we described in our last post.

Friends At vs Snap Map

Friends At is designed with privacy and security from the ground-up to make catching up with Friends easier with opt-in real-time location when needed.

Similar to Snap Map, you can find your friends nearby in Home Radar screen not on a map (improving security). Only friends nearby, within a certain distance are shown on the radar when they enter your vicinity. What this means is that you feel safe in that your actual location won’t be disclosed to any of your friends, nor how far you are away.

Meet Up with Uber style Location Tracking

Friends At brings Uber style real time location tracking to meet up events. When you create a Catch Up, or when you accept a Catch Up created by a friend, you will be asked to opt-in to real time location tracking an hour before the scheduled time of the Catch Up. After the Catch Up is finished, Friends At will stop the real time tracking automatically.

Friends At works great with one-to-one tracking, as well as many-to-many in a group of friends.

In the map, friends can see each other’s moving direction as well as current location.

Nearby Friends Notification

When your arrive to any new Place, Friends At will notify you if there are friends nearby, however you will never know their actual location or how far they are away. Similarly your friends wont see your actual location as they are notified. Privacy has been at the forefront of our development goals and you can rest assure Friends At gives you that peace of mind in terms of privacy.

In-App Secure Messaging built-in

Friends At has secure chat messaging built in. It works both one to one or in a group for your Catch Ups. All message content is encrypted in storage or during transfer across internet. You can therefore feel safe when sharing your one-off ad-hoc location to friends or simply chatting about your Catch Up details with friends.

Places Journal

Have you even been to a place and then forget where it was located. Friends At looks after that for you automatically, without a hassle.

You could find the places you visit each day, in the Places screen and then mark any as one of your favourite, with the ability to share it to your friends or family.

Places Journal is also great place to review how much time you have spent in a place and when.

Your information is saved in local and cloud storage and we treat the data security seriously. None of your location information is shared to any other parties.

Upcoming New Features

We have heaps of new ideas that will make Friends At even more useful to you, making it the app you love using for staying in touch with your friends when they are nearby without a hassle. Stay tuned for our upcoming update release next month.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at

To find out more about Friends At, visit

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