Want to Check Your Daily Location History? …This is How

1. Download Friends At App
Friends At iOS App - Home Screen

Recently launched on iOS, Friends At has a main function of making catching up with friends easier. It does this through nearby friend notifications and catch-ups that you can “Create” and invite your friends to so no one will forget or get confused where to go.

Friends At also keeps track of places that you’ve been hanging out in the background, even when the app is not running, with very low power consumption. Don’t worry though your data is encrypted and stored in a secure database which is not shared with any 3rd parties.

2. Start Hanging Out at Places

Once you’ve downloaded Friends At it’s up to you to go about living your life and hanging out at your favourite spots. Friends At will pickup the places that you’ve stayed for at least 5 to 10 minutes and store them on the “Places” screen.

3. Go to the “Places" Screen

Click the location pin as seen below on the right screenshot, the “Radar” screen, to access the “Places” screen.

Friends At Places Screen (Left) & Radar Screen (Right)

As you can see, the places screen is divided up into three tabs: “Days”, “Places” and “Favourites”.

The “Days” screen gives you a rundown of the places you visited each day, what time you visited them and how long you spent at each place.

The “Places” screen shows you a summary of all the places you have visited with the total number of hours and visits for each place.

The “Favourites” screen is for keeping track of the places you want to be able to easily access to share or add as a catch-up location.

You can also search for places on any of the “Places” tabs making it easier to locate places without having to scroll through the long list of locations you forget you even visited.

If the Place Name is not correct, you can tap on the “Edit” button on the top left of the “Places” screen to update any place.

The Future of Places

In the coming versions, the “Places” screen will provide the ability to view a map path of each day, showing the route you took when visiting all the places. Yay! now you can review and remember those days when you were running.. or driving all around the city.

Friends At App on the App Store
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