5 Reasons Why Friends Lose Touch With Each Other


As humans we are always changing. Whether you're 14 or 41; who you are, what you do, what you don't do, what you look like and what you eat, among many other aspects, is always being altered, whether slightly or greatly, (especially in today's social media driven day and age). During periods of high change friendships can be put under major strain as individuals ideas, hobbies, habits and the like can shift from being similar to contradictory. While some friends become even closer through aligned change, many friends simply grow apart. It is important during periods of change to be aware that some people will be abrasive and have an issue to the slightly different you. If you are not being

accepted and respected after some time and no discussions seem to solve the issues, it may be best to go your separate ways, as there will be plenty of others who will accept the new you.


Movement doesn't mean the death of all current friendships, especially when you're just moving to a new apartment down the street 😂. While moving interstate or overseas even for a short period of time can cause some friendships to dwindle or communication to reduce, the strong bonds with the friends who'll always be there for you will remain. Even if the daily call or text with your closest friend(s) falls to weekly and then monthly, true friendships will stand the test of time. If you find any friends that hold a grudge against you for "leaving" and wont make the effort while you're away and when/if you return, they are not worth your time. These friends are too selfish to be able to put there own feelings away to see it from your perspective.

Selfish Nature

No matter how much you deny it or try to avoid it, humans by nature are selfish. While degrees of selfishness will vary from person to person and in different situations, the human brain over time has developed to operate to keep itself safe and focus on its own issues. You may go through periods where you are giving more than you receive from people, but this should be temporary, when a friend is going through a tough time, however when you're always giving a lot and receiving very little its may be time to question the benefit of the friendship. You'll know when this is occurring, you only speak about their issues and even when they ask you about your life it's often very brief and the listening on their behalf is usually sub par.

Good Signs to look for are: hearing the words "i'm sorry, all we are talking about at the moment is me...", being praised for listening to them unload their struggles and returning the open ear when you are going through some ups and downs.


This one is pretty simple, you're going to have ups and downs and any friends that bash you when you are down and complain or go quite when you are up, or constantly compare themselves to you in a competitive manner, are not going to be the healthiest friends to have around. While friends may start off as innocent, a deep insecurity or unhappiness with there own lives can cause them to become nasty towards you over time especially if they become jealous over some form of you or your life.

Busy Lives

There'll always be times when you're super busy and times when you're super not. Often when you make new friends when you have sufficient free time, (early on in life, at university, on holiday, etc.) you're able to hang out and stay in touch regularly. But when you go through busy periods, finding time to hang out or even call some friends becomes increasingly difficult, which is made worse by differing schedules. This lack of aligned free time whether it is true or just perceived as so, can cause two or more friends to lose touch.

It is this last point that provided us with the most inspiration to create an app that would make it easier to stay in touch, align schedules & locations and Catch-Up. It was over this thought that Friends At App was born

Friends At App

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When friends are nearby, you and your friends will get notifications. Nearby friends can be seen in Home Radar screen.

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Meet Friends See your friends' current location in Map and participate in Group Chat.

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